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Robotic building blocks for ages 5 and up

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Robotic building blocks

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Robotic Building Block

Powerful. Simple. Magnetic. A friendly wireless motor. Make anything move. Build your first robots.

iOS & Android App

Playful. Intuitive. Fun. Control and program the building block from your phone or tablet. Bring your robots to life.

Make your own App-Controlled Robots

Make moving toys, play with robotics, learn STEM skills. Build a Lego robot, drive a GoPro, animate a craft butterfly, program 3D printed racer. Get curious. Be ambitious. Make different.

“Tio clearly demonstrates the power of combining digital technology with hands-on creative play. With a supportive adult, the possibilities for inspiring children to create are truly exciting.”

Dr Andrew Manches, Learning Scientist

“The little ones loved it! They had so much fun creating their own toys and I think seeing their creations move just amazed them. I’m looking forward for Tio to be launched!”

Amanda Loy, Kindergartner Director and Teacher

“This team have impressed us so much with the rigour of their educational research and the value they place on nurturing children’s creativity (and that of their parents!).”

Ruth Churchill Dower, Director, Earlyarts

“Our hearts were won with Tio because we felt this is a startup that can change the world moving forward.”

Andrew Webber, Microsoft

“Tio is more than just another tech toy, but a really exciting business. It’s based on some great innovative technology and has the needs of its customers – children and their parents – firmly in mind.”

David Landsman, Executive Director of Tata Limited

Inclusive Making

Simple and magnetic. Girls and boys of all ages can make and program their first robots!

Boundless Play

Fosters curiosity. Encourages creative play. Inspires children to explore and discover today’s technology.

STEM & Coding

Spark a passion for STEM, robotics and coding at an early age. A fun, hands-on way to learn future skills.

Partners & Awards